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October 18 & 19, 2022



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Everyone is being expected to take advantage of data, no matter what their size, mission, or budget. Decision makers want organizations to use data to show their value beyond what the financials show. But it’s more than that. It’s also knowing what data is important and telling the story behind the data that really matters.

With limited resources, how do agencies partnering with volunteers choose an approach that combines the right mix of data and tools to provide insight relevant to your organization? And where is it going to come from?

This year’s Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference will focus on equipping leaders of volunteers with skills to determine what data is useful and how to tell impactful stories using different tools and technologies.

We are pleased to announce our speakers for this years Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference.   

Veronica Deally – Why Volunteers Deserve Their Own Annual Report

Adam Shilling – What’s In It For Them?” Persuading Leaders and Decisions Makers

Erin Spink – Positioning Yourself as the Expert and Communicating with Impact and Confidence

Tony Goodrow – The Relative Impact Model for Measuring the ROI of Volunteer Engagement

-Check out this blog post by Anne Russell on the Better Impact site about Finding and Using Data that Matters – 6 Things to Think About (what is a zettabyte, anyway?  A LOT

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Better Impact offers easy to use volunteer management software solutions for nonprofits to government agencies. Offering Volunteer, Donor, Client and Member modules to help keep your organization operating at an optimum level. Modules are available separately and dovetailed brilliantly. Visit the Better Impact website for more information.