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October 22nd

Pacific 9:30 – 3:30

Mountain 10:30 – 4:30

October 23rd

Atlantic 10:30 – 4:30

Eastern 9:30 – 3:30

Central 8:30 – 2:30

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Dana Litwin, CVA

Dana Litwin is a transformational coach, strategic advisor, and public speaker with a background in team building, environmental conservation and sustainability. Drawing upon 20+ years in improv theater, Dana delivers innovative, humorous and engaging keynote addresses and seminars, in addition to customized training, educational materials and multi-media presentations.

Since 2002, Dana has guided organizations in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and nationwide to produce breakthrough volunteer and community engagement programs, as well as board and advisory committee development.

Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson is Director of Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, a consultancy and training company that helps engage and inspire people to bring about change. In 1997 Rob founded UKVPMs, one of the first online networks for volunteer managers, and has been active in volunteer management online ever since.

Topic: World of mouth

Word of mouth. Three little words we all know so well. They are at the heart of all the best volunteer recruitment. If people have such a great time volunteering that they want to tell others about it then we, as leaders of volunteer engagement, have had a good day at the office. Yet, whilst many corporations, wish they could harness its potential much more, so many non-profits ignore the potential of world of mouth.

Amira Barger, CVA, CFRE

Amira serves as a leader in nonprofit management and has done so for the past 14 years. The foundation for my leadership and community-building was set at an early age when her family moved from San Diego, CA to the tiny Pacific Island of Guam (can you find it on a map without Google?), USA to serve as missionaries in the 90’s.

Topic: The BIG 4: Ways to Engage Volunteers As ‘Triangle Supporters’ Using Technology

Mobilizing the public isn’t rocket science – it is hard, human resource intensive, time-consuming work. Now imagine moving towards the coveted ‘Triangle Supporter’ , the strongest kind – a multi level engager. No short cuts, no silver bullets.

Erin Spink, CVA

Fascinated by the subject, she completed a Certificate with Distinction in Volunteer Program Management, followed by an M.A. (Leadership) where she submitted the first-ever academic research quantifying the concept of “volunteer engagement”. Spink’s academic and thought-leadership work has since been published around the world.

Topic: Becoming a Data-Informed Volunteer Engagement Professional

The future of the Volunteer Engagement profession lies in better capturing and using data to inform our practice. We must move beyond the basic and dangerous metrics most of us currently track, like volunteer hours and numbers, and begin to tell a more compelling story and we must begin tapping into new ways of collecting it.

Liza J. Dyer, CVA

Liza J. Dyer, CVA, has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit and public sectors for more than 15 years. She is currently a Volunteer Services Program Coordinator at Multnomah County Library, a public library system in Portland, Oregon which engages over 2,000 community members as library volunteers each year.

Topic: I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Volunteers: How To Prepare Your Organization For The Robotic Workforce

Liza will take you on a tour of where we are now and where we’re headed in our future. She’ll encourage you to think about roles for humans vs. robots and which roles you’ll want to preserve for humans. It’s gonna be the future soon. Are you ready for the robots?

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Meet our conference speakers!

Dana Litwin

Amira Barger

Rob Jackson

Erin Spink

Liza Dyer

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Professionals from all over North America share valuable information that you can utilize in your daily work life.

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The conference will initiate discussion within your group, that will help problem solve, and examine new concepts within the volunteer sector.

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This unique event will broadcast live from Hamilton Ontario Canada on two separate days, October 22 and 23 as the broadcast will present to Eastern/Central/Atlantic time zones October 23, and Pacific/Mountain October 22). You may register for the day and time zone that works best for your local group.

The broadcast will be streamed live to more than 50 remote locations in the United States and Canada, with the likelihood of an audience of 1000 or more. One of the goals of this event is to provide quality, high level professional development events in local areas where access and resources may be limited to local associations of volunteer engagement professionals, volunteer centers, or other entities with an interest in professional development for those who engage volunteers.

How does it work?
Same as before, your local group pays a connection fee and arranges for a location (with a screen, speakers, and space for an audience), meals and a local facilitator to guide local discussion). You can charge your local attendees whatever price you choose. It could be a free event, or charge a fee you determine per person and make some profit for your local network.

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