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Software Upgrades

Software Upgrade: 4X

Welcome to 4X!

The newest Better Impact Software Upgrade has an entirely new user interface. Our goal with this update was to make our software easier to use and nicer to look at. For more details on 4X, watch the video!

All New Training Videos

We’ve redone all of our original Better Impact training videos, in a way we think will expedite finding exactly the help you’re looking for.

All videos are available at

We are also in the process of creating similar help videos for Donor Impact, Client Impact, and Member Impact, so stay tuned!

Step by Step How-To Articles

We’ve also given our help articles a facelift. Our new help site has many new features, including a more user friendly navigation, a clickable table of contents on each help article, and the ability for you to let us know if the article was useful to you. We’ve also added related articles in the sidebar.