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Software Upgrade 4x.8

Release Date: Feb 20 2024 – 10PM EDT

New Pronoun Fields in user profiles, New Overview and Support pages, Updated messaging in social media settings for Twitter (X),  Search Functionality on Report pages. Updates to Donor Impact: Donations can now be made on a monthly recurring basis, added in new permissions for limited admin roles that cover functions related to recurring donations, Manage Recurring Donations item, new filters to the Manage Donations page, called Service and Frequency. Donation Programs can now be applied to multiple donations in bulk. Updates in Volunteer Impact: New Hours Report Available, Group size can be specified for multiple shifts, Set Personal Message when approving Hours, Additional Filters for Volunteers.

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Software Upgrade 4X.7

Release Date: Oct 23 2023 -10PM EDT

New functionality to login pages, revised flow for two factor authentication setup process, changes to the Approve Custom Fields pages, new administrator badges, quickly View Recipients of historical E-mails and Texts, view administrators that have Two Factor Authentication turned on, changes to Personal Profile Reports, updated Message for Accounts Using Google Analytics, updated Module Membership Display, set Personal Message in Multiple Profiles, enhancements to General Interests, changes to e-learning module settings, updated Logic for Qualifications earned from E-Learning Modules, downloadable Comparisons Chart, additional Fields when Adding Activity Shifts, improvements to Additional Criteria on Search Pages, updates to Donor Impact.

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Software Upgrade 4X.6

Release Date: March 27 2023 -10PM EDT

Enhancements to My Saved Reports, introducing the Manage Contact Page, improvements to MyImpactPage, new HTML editor, URL Validator, Software Optimizations,  new additions for Portuguese users, Donor Impact: Donation Setting Page Layout Updates and more!

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Software Upgrade 4X.5

Release Date: Oct 3 2022 -10PM EDT

Enhancements to the Quick Search Function, View Files and Documents in the Software without Downloading, Enterprise: Added Functionality to the Document Library,  Introducing My Saved Reports, New Error Message Coding, Add Volunteers to Committees in Bulk, Expanded Supported Languages, New Functionality in the My Impact App, COVID-19 Related Support Features are Discontinued,  Donor Impact: View Donation Receipts, Enterprise: Activity Report Groups Searching Capabilities for Hours, ReCaptcha

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Software Upgrade 4X.4

Release Date: March 28 2022 -10PM EST

Accessibility Checker, Enterprise: Volunteer Anniversary Calculations, Updated messaging when editing activities, numeric feedback field changes, timeclock footer theme, express timeclock improvements, Donor Impact: New donation channel: Stripe, Sterling Volunteers (Canada), ReCaptcha
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Software Upgrade 4X.3

Release Date: Oct 18 2021

View recent admin login history, copy limited administrator roles, make phone calls from your web browser and much more!
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Software Upgrade 4X.2

Release Date: June 14 10PM EST

Status update upgrade, Donation Receipt Branding Options, Donation Receipt Bulk Downloads, and for Enterprise – Manage Organization Administrator Access and Settings.
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Software Upgrade 4X.1

Released on Monday, April 19, 2021

Dark mode, customized font sizes, and more!
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Software Upgrade: 4X

Welcome to 4X!

The newest Better Impact Software Upgrade has an entirely new user interface. Our goal with this update was to make our software easier to use and nicer to look at. For more details on 4X, watch the video!