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  1. Scroll to the “Step One Settings” header.
  2. Check the box if you would like the birthdate field displayed on the application form (*this will become a required field).
  3. Check the box if you would like only the required contact information fields displayed on your application form (name, address, email and one phone number).
  4. Check the box if you would like clients to accept your policies as the first step in completing the application form (note: there is no formal signature required or record of acceptance, however they cannot proceed until they check the box).
  5. Check the box if you would like these client policies displayed at the top of the user registration page.
  6. Enter your text for the following:
    • “Policy title” that will display above your client policies text;
  • “Policy Acceptance Checkbox label” that will display beside the checkbox that applicants must check in order to acknowledge that they agree with your client policies;
  • “Policy Button Text” that will display in the button that applicants can click on to view your policies (if they are not displayed in the page).
  1. Enter text in the ‘Client Policies’ field.
  2. Click the [Save] button and continue to ‘Step Two Settings’