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If you utilize the online application form client profiles will be automatically generated when the applicant submits their form.  Client profiles can also be added manually by an administrator.   Once a client profile has been entered, organizations can define their status in whatever way meets their needs.  The following status options (and generalized definitions) are listed below:   Applicant – clients who have completed the application form, but you haven’t looked at yet In Process – clients who you have started to onboard, but there is still more work to do Accepted – active clients requiring/obtaining services Inactive - clients who do not require services for a period of time, but are expected to return Archived – no longer a client and in all likelihood, not coming back (encounters, contact info and custom fields remain in their profile). Removed – only logged encounters and feedback remain in your system   There are also many functions that can be performed from within a client profile, some of which include communicating directly with a client, creating connections with volunteers, running individual reports and logging encounters.