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Congratulations!  You have completed your trial of Donor Impact!  We hope you discovered exactly what you were looking for, and more.  Keep in mind there may be features that were not covered in this trial.  If you have any questions that did not get answered or you run into roadblocks at any time during your trial, we are happy to help.   As part of your trial you have access to our online chat 24 hours a day during the week (and periodically on weekends).  Just click on the green chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of your account.  Alternatively, you can access our comprehensive help articles by clicking on the yellow icon with the question mark.   If you prefer a more personal touch, book a phone call or web meeting by clicking the flag of the country nearest to you, which you’ll find in the section below!   If you are ready to receive accurate pricing on the software, please click on the “Quote Request” icon located above the flags below for your personalized quote.