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Welcome to your Volunteer Impact trial!

We recommend keeping this guide open in one tab and then opening another tab to work in the software so that you can easily go back and forth between the two.

You might have some priorities around what areas of the software you would like to explore first, but to get the most out of your trial, we recommend following the suggested order. If you choose to explore in a different order, just keep in mind that some aspects of the software won’t reveal their full potential until certain configurations have been made.

Our trial guide includes:

• clear instructions on how to navigate

• suggestions on things to add and try

• options to dig deeper or skim over individual areas based on what’s important to you

• access to the entire user manual if you want to delve deeper into something specific

Anything you create in your trial can be deleted or carried forward into your new Volunteer Impact system if you decide it’s the right fit for your organization.